Thursday, January 20, 2011


 My 33 Ford pickup is coming along quickly!! Gonna be a blast to drive! The truck already has a pretty awesome story! My cousin bought a 47 ford back in the 90s while in the military. He was stationed in Texas and drove the car all over the south and up to Missouri multiple times. After he blew the trans up he sold the car to his brother. He took the flattie out put in Mustang II and a 302 c4 combo. The motor was given to me along with the front axle and rear end... all are in old Waymore now. After a close look at the motor we found awesomness! Stroked, ported, relieved, cam, adjustible lifters... runs strong!!! Its now linked to a 47 ford truck three speed. The frame started as a Model A frame but all thats left is the first few feet, I custom built the rest of the frame. Its channeled 6 inches and chopped 5. Workin my ass of so he will be ready for warm weather!!!

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