Friday, January 14, 2011


My name is David and im a hot rodder. I was born into this life style with a hot rodder dad. I build hot rods, not rat rods. I hate the term rat rod. What makes a rat rod? What makes a hot rod? To me a rat rod is a cobbled together shit pile of a car that was built for shock value. A hot rod is a well thought out, carefully built mosheen for one purpose... DRIVING! Im not a period perfect builder. I build cars how ever i like. Period perfect is in the same realm of restorers, I have tons of respect for the people that build cars in these styles! But I dont have the time, money or patience for this! I use what I have, whats given to me, or what i can afford. My current project is a 1933 Ford Pickup. Nothing on the truck is newer than 1948. But that is another post. Basically I love hot rods and the occasional custom, and this is my little shirne to them.

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